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Sounds enigmatic? This isn't a bash at T. rex name priority (subject
implies..).... IT'S ABOUT JURASSIC PARK. 

Option 2) Read this.

Sorry to drag the JP gliches from the grave (or should I say Death Assemblage.
yurk yurk yurk) again, but something is bothering me (still). 

It's the colour on the T. rex in JP. She seems to change. Chameleons can do this
(but not Brooksia (=Brookesia), a genus of tiny, floor-dwelling chams. from
Madagascar, hence subject title), but it's my guess that dinosaurs couldn't. 

You see, the robot T. rex is almost definitely GREY. You see her close up, and
she's grey. You see her with light shining on her, and she's grey. I think she's

The computer-graphic T. rex is brown. You see her in the day time (Gallimimus
chomping, visitor centre finale) and she's brown. You see her at night (jeep-
chasing) and she's brown. I think she's brown.

Hang on? Grey? Brown? I can't believe it's down to lighting. Elephants never
appear brown, nor do okapis (or any other big, brown animal you can think of)
ever appear grey. So what's going on?

(And don't say that the frog DNA allowed the T. rex a chameleonic colour-
changing ability, because the T. rex didn't get froggy DNA implants).
Paradoxically, David Norman said a while back that he thought it possible that
some dinosaurs COULD change colour. But then he also said that Smilodon would
win in a fight against a tyrannosaur. Whatever next? Crichton, as you'll
probably know, did give his dinos colour-change ability (the little raptor in
the cave. I'd like to know how Grant knew it was a 'boy raptor'), but then those
were dinos with froggy DNA. Don't (please) give me the philosophical speal on
how "all animals, even ourselves, change colour over periods of time". Well...

Kelly, what is your e-mail address? My mailer-daemon won't accept the one I've
been using. You misinterpreted what I said about Redman (i.e. I didn't say
nothin' about Redman!). Well, just wait for the post..

"The Force is strong with this one"