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At 8:45 AM 6/7/95, D.W.Naish wrote:
>Tom Holtz mentioned suggestions that therizinosauroids were oviraptorid
>relatives. Can we read about this suggestion anywhere? Please give source.
>I haven't yet seen the Alxasaurus paper (Canadian Jour. Earth Sci. yes?), and,
>at present, have difficulty comprehending them as theropods. Please feel free
>to send me a copy of the Alxasaurus paper - I need converting! The idea still
>seems really weird, I was happier with arguments for sauropodomorph affinities.
>Still, my problem.

        The two papers are one and the same.  The ref is:

Russell, D. A., and Dong, Z.  (1993).  "The affinities of a new theropod
from the Alxa Desert, Inner Monbolia,
        People's Repulic of China," _Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences_
30(10-11):  2107-2127.

Actually, for anyone who wants it, the entire issue (the sequel is due out
soon!) is available from the CJES for $19 with a check made out to
"Receiver General for Canada, credit NRC"  sent to:

        Subscriptions Office, Building M-55
        Research Journals
        National Research Council Canada
        Ottowa,  ON  k1A 0R6

Request the specific issue (the October-November '93 issue).  It's also got
the formal descriptions of _Monolophosaurus_, _Sinraptor_,
_Sinornithoides_, and _Caenagnathasia_ as well as articles on
_Mamnchisaurus_, _Wuerhosaurus_, and _Protoceratops_, plus articles on
Mongolian Cretaceous turtles and, of course, stratigraphy.  Well worth the
price, IMHO.

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