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Tom Holtz mentioned suggestions that therizinosauroids were oviraptorid
relatives. Can we read about this suggestion anywhere? Please give source.

I haven't yet seen the Alxasaurus paper (Canadian Jour. Earth Sci. yes?), and,
at present, have difficulty comprehending them as theropods. Please feel free
to send me a copy of the Alxasaurus paper - I need converting! The idea still
seems really weird, I was happier with arguments for sauropodomorph affinities.
Still, my problem.

Those of you into the model-side of dinosaurs will know that Safari made a
Therizinosaurus model in '93/'94. It was sculpted by Eleanor Kish. I did a
review of it in the Dinosaur Collectors Club Newsletter (the other parts of the
set, Mamenchisaurus and Yangchuanosaurus, got reviewed too). I was in a bad mood
at the time and kind of mis-behaved myself (you might notice if you're read it).
Just blame Greg Paul!

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