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Re: Aussie Dinosaurs

I'm not the expert like Tom Rich is, but I think it is time I replied to
this e-mail which began from Sundance (Adelaide).  I did reply directly to
Sundance, but I shoud have replied to dino-net; my apologies, everyone.

"pwillis and tholtz" wrote about the ceratopsian - in fact if you look at
the article in Research and Exploration it is described as a
protoceratopsian, and having looked at the specimen first hand it
definitely looks protoceratopsian-like.

>Just goes to show that life really did start in Australia!! 

It's about time everyone started to realise this ;-)  Pitty our Mesozoic
stratigraphy is so poor!

>On your second enquiry, first the good news: Melbourne hosted a brilliant
>exhibition of Russian Dinosaurs which then toured Sydney, Launceston,
>Brisbane and Perth. Good news 2; the vodka was excellent. Bad news (for
>Australians) the collection is now safely back in Moscow. Thems the breaks.

Soory GOOD news for US Australian's, and that Vodka is still here and very
palatable.  It has returned to Melbourne and is currently being exhibited
at Monash University, until (?) 6 August.  After this it is heading for
Arizona - try the Vodka, it's very good until the following day &-|

>There was an excellent catalogue for the exhibition, copies of which can
>probably still be bought from the museums that the exhibition visited.

Yes, the catalogue is very good and can still be purchased for $10 (Aust:
not including P&H) from the Monash Science Centre, Monash University,
Clayton, Victoria, Australia, 3168.  Send cheques care of Monash Science

I'll send the references regarding the Victorian dinosaur sites to dino-net
later this evening - very busy in the lab at present.


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