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Greg Paul and _Alxasaurus_

With all this commotion about _Alxasaurus_ *proving* that Segnosaurs (Ya, ya,
I know, Therezanosauroids) are "really" theropods; what does Greg Paul (the
originator of the Prosauropod -> Segnosaur -> Ornithischian
transitionalization theory) think of it?  Does anyone know?  Has he said
anything about it; agreed with it; or is he organizing a rebutal?  I just
thought of this a second ago and thought I'd ask you guys.  Also, how about
Bakker, and Olshevsky?  They seemed to put (Olshevsky did at least)
Segnosaurs imbetween Prosauropds and Ornithischians in their Phytodinosaur

Peter Buchholz