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Re: Dixie the Dino

>>With regard to your dinosaur (are you sure it isn't the Carnegie Diplodicus,
>>by the way?)

>It is most definately the Brachio. not only do I personally own most of the
>models and would know a Brachio from a Diplodicus in my sleep but the guy is
>selling the Brachio at a 'special price' at the store.

Ah, now I understand. I was thinking "Diplodicus carnegie" which was named
after Andrew Carnegie.

>By the way the
>information from his sign he got from an encyclopedia of unknown age but it
>tells how she was too  heavy to live out of the water and ate only soft
>marsh plants. I've given up trying to get them to change it!

Just be thankful he hasn't bent the legs out sideways...

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