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Re: Bakker?

>>>>Bakker?  Who's this Bakker everyone is speaking of??
>>>> ;-)
>>>Didn't he used to star in Doctor Who? :-)
>>>(Sorry to Americans who probably won't get this one)
>>Tom or Colin  :D
>><---an American who not only gets this one but is a rabid Whovian  :D

>                Oh Boy! Was this ever a mistake! Quick, run for cover before
>the Whovians get started. Doctor Who has a huge following in America.

Oops. I suppose I should have guessed. The odd episode of (dare I say it)
Star Trek slips over this side too... ;-)

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And when the ark was finished Noah said unto Elvis, "What do you reckin?"
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And when it was all done Noah scratched his beard and said, "We don't have
room for all the animals now."
And Elvis perused the livestock list and in his wisdom said, "Lose the
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