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Re: Rank taxonomy (was Re: Cladism (akin to masochism))

>>   Are the terms Class, Order, Infraorder, etc. used in the clade world?
>Some people have tried to reconcile Linnean ranks and cladistic groupings,
>but they have run into problems (if Aves is a Class, than what about
>Theropoda? Saurischia? Dinosauria? etc.).  There has been a move to drop
>the Class, Order, Infraorder, etc. ranks, to make things simpler and to
>reduce the number of names.  (Although cladism has been blamed for an
>increase in the number of names, gradism created plenty of redundant names
>[e.g., Family Archaeoptergyidae, Order Archaeopterygiformes, Subclass
>Saururae, all of which contain only the species Archaeopteryx
>lithographica] in order to satisfy all the 'appropriate' ranks).

   Cool.  Now the question is, are the names just put into a list?  I.e. you
just have a column of names going from the species all the way back to that
first blue-green algae?


    is going to be damn difficult to represent in a relational database......

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