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Re: Deinonychosauria

>A cladist would never argue that whales are fish (certainly a facetious
>statement), but, however, go to an authorative source, for example, the
>classic book THE JOY OF COOKING, editions printed in the 1960's and 1970's
>and you will find in the chapter on SEAFOOD a recipe for cooking WHALE meat
>right along with tuna, shrimp, salmon, etc.  The authors point out that
>"surprisingly, whale meat tastes more like beef than fish!!!"  There you
>have it, a big fish convergently evolving its muscles on to mammals.
>Scott Moody, Ohio Univ. Vertebrate Collection    Moody@mail.oucom.ohiou.edu
>> Okay, I agree with that...  (Of course, he probably thinks whales are fish
>> and that reptiles, birds, amphibs, fish, and invertebrates aren't
>> "animals"...).
>To a cladist, whales ARE fish, aren't they?        :-)
>Mike Bonham     bonham@jade.ab.ca   Jade Simulations International

Here is an even greater traversty of popular phylogenetics.

When the Australian team wanted to prepare a crocodile dish for the
culenary olympics in Germany, they were hit with one snag; crocodile meat
for human consumption was not listed under any catagory of the allowable
imports manual at German customs. The solution? They classified crocodiles
as a type of fish.