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Aussie Dinosaurs


The ceratopsian you refer to from southern Victoria is identified based on
a humerus which, I am told, is distinctly ceratopsian, no doubt about it. I
don't know if it has been officially described yet. Similarly there is an
ornithomimid form the same place in a similar predicament (too early and in
the wrong place). Just goes to show that life really did start in
Australia!! The Dinosaur Cove site is around 110 million years old, not the
80 million you imply in your email.

Don't overly worry about the problems of time and space for these
Australian progenorators of these expatriate dinosaur groups, there is a
similar but larger problem explaining that the sister group of
Archaeopteryx occur 60 million years after it. The spotty fossil record of
terrestrial vertebrates will always have holes like this in it.

On your second enquiry, first the good news: Melbourne hosted a brilliant
exhibition of Russian Dinosaurs which then toured Sydney, Launceston,
Brisbane and Perth. Good news 2; the vodka was excellent. Bad news (for
Australians) the collection is now safely back in Moscow. Thems the breaks.
There was an excellent catalogue for the exhibition, copies of which can
probably still be bought from the museums that the exhibition visited.

Hope this is of some help.

Cheers, Paul

P.S. I can gladly accommodate any spare redheads.