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>From: Ralph Chapman
Subject: Sinornithoides

 There was a question on Sinornithoides. I mentioned I gawked at it for
 two hours while Mike Brett-Surman and Chuck Martin photo'd the Ex Terra
 exhibit in Toronto. Kelly asked where I was, well, I spent about 4-5
 hours going through the exhibit with a fine toothed comb but the
 specimen of Sinornithoides kept calling me back to it. The specimen is
 absolutely wonderful and almost fully complete - lacking a couple neck
 vertebrae only and curled up like a cat taking a nap in a rocking chair.
 The reference to it is:

   Russell, Dale A. & Dong Zhi-Ming. A nearly complete skeleton of a new
     troodontid dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous of the Ordos Basin,
     Inner Mongolia, People's Republic of China. Canadian J. Earth
     Sciences    30:2163-2173. 1993.

That whole issue is the results of the Sino-Canadian dino project and
is neat to have in your dino biblio collection (It's #'s 10/11 of that

 Ralph Chapman, NMNH