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more stupid JP stuff

Ok, now I was at Circuit City yesterday, and for those of you who don't know
what that is, its an electronic store, like Best Buy, but smaller.  They have
this little alcove like thing wear you can listen to a home entertainment
system.  Jurassic Park was playing (in letterbox edition) so of course I sat
down to watch.  It was at the part where the Velociraptors get in to the
building and are chasing everyone around, you know it, well the one part,
with the projection of DNA on the Raptor's (oh, sorry, Velociraptor) head,
where does that projection come from??  Maybe I just don't know my technology
good enough, but I didn't see any projectors on the first tour.  I've always
wondered this!  

Another thing I noticed once, after I had finally gotten my pre reserved
copy, my brother and I were watching it, and about the same scene too.  Grant
and Sattler are trying to keep the door shut, when Lex goes to the computer,
to try  and figure it out.  When she sits down, look in the background for
Timmy.  He's jumping up and down, with his hands on his head.  It's pretty
funny.  In fact, when I first noticed this, I rewound, and played it over and
over.  Its hysterical.  Or perhaps, it's just my twisted sense of humor.  

And to Mr. Paul Willis.  Email me if you'd like all the JP discussion that
you may have missed in the past few weeks.  There has been no shortage of it.

May the force be with you,

Sabrina Cox

"To err is human, but to really foul up requires a computer." -Anonymous