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Good to see such interest in a croc, but on the dinosaur discussion group?
Blasphemy (x2).

Deinosuchus is known from the Judith River Beds of Montana and the Campian
Terlingua Local Fauna, Aguja Formation, Trans-Pecos Texas. There was some
talk of it also being somewhere in South America but this is almost
certainly a misidentification. I have no record of it from Hell Creek, but
that doesn't mean much.

Crocodylidae is not in the Eosuchia, as Phillip Bigelow states, but the
Eusuchia, a suborder of the Crocodylia. I am not sure that the possibly
synonomy between Phobosuchus and Deinosuchus has been properly resolved

Yes  Purussaurus is Cainozoic (Miocene), Mesozoic Matt must have been
extending himself.

Hope this is of some help.

Cheers, Paul