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Re: Deinonychosauria

A cladist would never argue that whales are fish (certainly a facetious 
statement), but, however, go to an authorative source, for example, the 
classic book THE JOY OF COOKING, editions printed in the 1960's and 1970's 
and you will find in the chapter on SEAFOOD a recipe for cooking WHALE meat 
right along with tuna, shrimp, salmon, etc.  The authors point out that 
"surprisingly, whale meat tastes more like beef than fish!!!"  There you 
have it, a big fish convergently evolving its muscles on to mammals.

Scott Moody, Ohio Univ. Vertebrate Collection    Moody@mail.oucom.ohiou.edu

> Okay, I agree with that...  (Of course, he probably thinks whales are fish
> and that reptiles, birds, amphibs, fish, and invertebrates aren't
> "animals"...).

To a cladist, whales ARE fish, aren't they?        :-)

Mike Bonham     bonham@jade.ab.ca   Jade Simulations International