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Aussie dinos + other stuff

Hi there everyone, 
I have a few things to get through here, so bear with me please.

Firstly, I keep hearing vague references to dinosaurs being found in 
Australia (Victoria to be exact) that are only known from the other side 
of the planet and nowhere in between.i.e. Evidence of Ceratopsians in 
southern Australia, when they are only known from North America and 
Mongolia. By my figuring (consults mental map of Earth 80,000,000 BC) they
would have to have trotted across from mongolia to the middle east, swum 
or island-hopped across what was left of the Tethys, down through Africa, 
and across Antarctica to Australia (or originated in Australia and gone 
back the other way!). It seems to me that claims like this are pretty 
extraordinary, so they would need some extraordinary evidence. Is this 
yet another media beat-up, or is there reasonable evidence for claims 
like this, and if so could someone please give references to it, or 
post/mail a summary to the list/me. Thanks in advance.

Secondly, there is apparently an exhibition of Russian/Mongolian dinosaurs
in Melbourne, Australia at the moment ( I think it's at monash uni.) 
Could someone who knows more than I please give me details i.e. cost, dates,
where it's being held, etc. Again, AdvThanksance

Thirdly, my vote for favourite dinosaurs. I've been a big fan of 
Triceratops ever since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. I also have to 
give a second preference for deinoraptor^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H 
velocinonychus^H^H^H^H^H^H that big one from North America with the nasty 
sickle claws on it's feet (: {Diplomatic mode on} The one that Gregory 
Paul refers to as 'Velociraptor Antirrhopus'. {Diplomatic mode off} I really 
like the image of a couple of those guys sprinting across a floodplain or 
area of open woodland, camouflaged by the patterns on their feathers, 
preparing to strike down a jeuvenile something-or-other.   

Health, long life, and happiness,

  Sundance O. Bilson-Thompson.     * "Humans and Aliens wrapped in two-
   Adelaide, South Australia       * million five hundred thousand tons
 student Mathematical Physicist    *   of spinning metal, all alone in 
      and Redhead fanatic.         *         the night..." Babylon 5