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Re: Deinonychosauria

>>>Deinonychosauria (=Troodontidae + Dromaeosauridae) has never included the
>>>birds.  In fact, many dinosaur workers now agree that 'deinonychosaurs' are
>>>diphyletic, with dromaeosaurids being closer to birds, and troodontids
>>>closer to ornithomimids.
>>   *I* put them there for lack of anywhere else to put them in my dino
>>database.  The _Dino Data Book_ places them in the Coelursaurs, but the
>>_Dinosauria_ says Coelursaurs is a bogus grouping.  I decided to go with the
>>_Dinosauria's_ info for my database, so I was left without a grouping to put
>>Archie into.  So I picked the Deinonychosauria.
>It does not say coelurosaurs are a bogus group (at least it shouldn't).
>Coelurosauria = birds and all theropods closer to birds than to Allosaurus.
>All the theropod chapters (except for Ceratosauria and Carnosauria) in the
>Dinosauria discuss coelurosaurs.

   I haven't actually read _The Dinosauria_, I haven't had the time.  I've
been using the tables in each chapter to set up my phylogeny, and the only
mention I've found of Coelurosaurs has been in Table 13.1:  Problematic
Theropoda:  "Coelurosaurs"  All of the species listed within are dubbed
Theropoda incertae sedis.  Everything else has been Ceratosauria,
Carnosauria, Ornithominosauria, Oviraptorosauria.

   What I really need is a really good book with CLEAR dinosaurian
phylogeny.  I've had to guess on those tables where the phylogeny doesn't go
any higher than the family level.  Plus, not being a cladist/paleontologist,
I have no idea if my Infraorder/Superfamily etc. groupings are even the
correct level.

   I have the feeling I'm wasting my time setting up this database.....

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