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Re: Dixie the Dino

>With regard to your dinosaur (are you sure it isn't the Carnegie Diplodicus,
>by the way?), sauropod eggs have been found, and as far as I know they're
>not much more than a foot in diameter. This is only slightly bigger than an
>ostrich egg. I haven't seen one close up, so could someone please confirm

It is most definately the Brachio. not only do I personally own most of the
models and would know a Brachio from a Diplodicus in my sleep but the guy is
selling the Brachio at a 'special price' at the store. By the way the
information from his sign he got from an encyclopedia of unknown age but it
tells how she was too  heavy to live out of the water and ate only soft
marsh plants. I've given up trying to get them to change it!
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