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Re: dino-enthusiasm

>I have a 4 yr old son who is a real dinosaur enthusiast. It started a year
>ago when I took him to  Dinamation. After 3 hrs we had to drag him out of
>there kicking and screaming. Now I always take a lunch along. I'm hoping
>this enthusiasm will stay with him. His 3 olders brothers (who are now all
>teenagers) liked dinosuars when they were young but not to this extent. One
>day we ran out of dinosaur books to read so I started reading him Robt
>Bakker's book. Actually we looked at the pictures and I read the caption
>underneath. Now he knows who Robt. Bakker is and every time we go to
>Dinamation he looks for him there!

Tell him to keep watching! I actully bumped into him at the one in , believe
it or not, Fresno, CA. I then made a total idiot of myself. Could not form a
single coherent sentence. I went to his lecture a few days later to
appoligize and get him to sign his book and ended up with a 5' by 4'
Deinonychus drawing signed by him as well. Very nice man who gave a great talk.

                            Jennifer R. Allen
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