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Re: French

>From: jpoling@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Jeff Poling)
 >> [Re: "sedis mutabilis"]
 >    It just so happens that this phrase was used in describing the
 > Segnosaurs. 

I thought it might be.

 >  Since my dino professor was of the opinion that they are
 > theropods, I went ahead and put them there.
 >    Is that, indeed, where Segnosaurs ended up?

That is the current general concensus. The article on Alxasaurus
in last November's issue of Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
was fairly convincing in that regard.

And not just in the theropods, they are in the coelurosaur group,
close to such groups as the ornithomimids and deinonychosaurs.

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