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Therizinosauroids (was Re: French)

>>It would mean there is some disagreement on the proper position
>>of the taxon in question within Saurischia (as there was for
>>the segnosaurs until recently).
>>It is similar to, but milder than, "incertae sedis" = "of uncertain
>   It just so happens that this phrase was used in describing the
>Segnosaurs.  Since my dino professor was of the opinion that they are
>theropods, I went ahead and put them there.
>   Is that, indeed, where Segnosaurs ended up?

1) Segnosaurs are now called 'therizinosauroids' (since Therizinosauridae
has priority over Segnosauridae).

2) Therizinosauroids are coelurosaurs, "maniraptoran" in the broad (but
incorrect) sense, and maybe even maniraptoran in the strict sense.  There
have been recent suggestions that they were closely related to

And, incidnentally, who was your dino prof at Ohio State?

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