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Re: Deinonychosauria

>>   The entire Deinonychosauria, including the Archaeopterygids and birds.
>Deinonychosauria (=Troodontidae + Dromaeosauridae) has never included the
>birds.  In fact, many dinosaur workers now agree that 'deinonychosaurs' are
>diphyletic, with dromaeosaurids being closer to birds, and troodontids
>closer to ornithomimids.

   *I* put them there for lack of anywhere else to put them in my dino
database.  The _Dino Data Book_ places them in the Coelursaurs, but the
_Dinosauria_ says Coelursaurs is a bogus grouping.  I decided to go with the
_Dinosauria's_ info for my database, so I was left without a grouping to put
Archie into.  So I picked the Deinonychosauria.

   And I probably would have picked Deinonychosauria anyway, just to be
contrary.  As I've said many times on this list, I wouldn't be a Bakker fan
if I didn't do a few things just to stir up trouble.  Besides, I'm not a
paleontologist so I'm allowed to be ignorant now and again.....

   What would be your suggestion?

>>   If you want to see somebody have a coniption fit, tell them that birds
>>are reptiles.....
>Actually, you will find that many of the younger paleontologists will NOT
>have a coniption, but will congratulate you on your being up-to-date on
>phylogenetic taxonomy.
>(And, of course, followers of Voltaire already know that birds are
>'feathered reptiles').

   Actually, I was referring to people in general who don't know a thing
about phylogeny and cladistics and such.

   Tell the common man on the street that the pigeons he's feeding are
reptiles ... and watch him start to foam at the mouth.

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