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Deinonychosauria (was Re: The Question Of The Day ?)

>   The entire Deinonychosauria, including the Archaeopterygids and birds.

Deinonychosauria (=Troodontidae + Dromaeosauridae) has never included the
birds.  In fact, many dinosaur workers now agree that 'deinonychosaurs' are
diphyletic, with dromaeosaurids being closer to birds, and troodontids
closer to ornithomimids.

>   If you want to see somebody have a coniption fit, tell them that birds
>are reptiles.....

Actually, you will find that many of the younger paleontologists will NOT
have a coniption, but will congratulate you on your being up-to-date on
phylogenetic taxonomy.

(And, of course, followers of Voltaire already know that birds are
'feathered reptiles').

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