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Re: Mystery Ceratopsian

>From: hgarman@eagle.wbm.ca (Henry Garman)
 > In Dino Times' they had a thing on the ceratopsian Einiosaurus which was
 > similar to Pachyrhinosaurus and had a huge nose horn.
 > Is this what you're talking about?
It's nose horn isn't all *that* big.  It's main oddity is that it
is strongly curved forward.

Einiosaurus is, in fact, one of the two intermediates between
Centrosaurus and Pachyrhinosaurus that proves that the nasal boss
of P. is *not* a horn base, as some have suggested, and is indeed
just what it looks like - a boss.

I think the pictured animal in the original letter was an artist's
rendering of P. on the basis of the idea that the nasal boss supported
a large keratinous horn.

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