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hgarman@eagle.wbm.ca (Henry Garman) wrote:  
>On Page 164 In the Complete T-Rex there is a picture of a fifty-foot long
>crocodilian named Deinosuchus.
>I read in a reference that I recently obtained that Purussaurus had reached
>40 feet long and had been given a medal for being the biggest carnivore of
>Is Deinosuchus Purussaurus?
>What do you have on Deinosuchus?

                    ORDER CROCODYLIA
                    SUBORDER EOSUCHIA 
                    FAMILY CROCODYLIDAE
                    GENUS DEINOSUCHUS
          Synonym Genus (subjective??) Phobosuchus
                    sp. indet?? 

Deinosuchus [Phobosuchus] is a huge crocodyle in the suborder Eosuchia.
Apparently, it is only a North American croc., and is only from the Upper
Cretaceous.   It was probably an uncommon crocodyle.
  Horner glosses over exactly what formations Deinosuchus occurs in, but
he strongly implies that the taxon is found in the Hell Creek Formation.
Yet, Laurie Byant (1989) doesn't have Deinosuchus in her list of Hell Cr. crocs.
'N  gators. (She only lists the crocodyle Leidyosuchus; and the alligator
Brachychampsa, two undescribed alligators, and the marine crocodylian
Thoracosaurus neocesariensis (DeKay)).

According to Carroll's 1988 (Vertebrate Paleontology and Evolution) textbook,
Purrusaurus is an Alligator.  Deinosuchus is a croc. (p. 620).

                 ORDER CROCODYLIA
                 SUBORDER EOSUCHIA
                 GENUS PURRUSAURUS
Getting back to Deinosuchus, 
  If anyone knows whether Deinosuchus is a Hell Creek Fm. faunum 
(particularly, the Montana-Hell Creek), please let me know. I am compiling a
faunal list (inverts., too, hopefully; maybe the flora later) on the Hell
Creek Fm.