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>Pusurusurrussusaurus,  or whatever it's called, does have a complete skull
>a complete fossil skull is known), or, at least that's what a photo published
>in the Brittanica yearbook (1994 I think) shows. Apparently, P. ate giant
>turtles and rodents. Well, big capybara things - OK so maybe they're not

        _Purussaurus_ (with 2 s's) is not known from a complete skull,
unless there has been a very recent and undescribed find.  The picture to
which you refer, if it's the same one published in _Terra_ a few years
back, is based on a fragmentary jaw (and some other bones) from the Amazon
basin.  The skull in that photo was sculpted, extrapolating from the
dimensions of a modern croc based on the fragment.  This isn't necessarily
the correct size, though, since it could have, for example, been
snub-nosed, or somesuch.  It's great to think of something that big,
though, isn't it?  8-)

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