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More Megalancosaurus

Jerry made a very nice critic of the Feduccia and Wild paper, and I will
add nothing here. I was happy to see him mention the propaganda as
illustrated by a picture of a bird skull next to the M. preonensis
photograph. I felt the same way when I read the paper last year.
Out of curiosity, I reread the paper last night. I think it's a really
bad (in the negative sense) piece of scientific literature, and I hope
I'll never write anything like that in my career!
For a much better assessment of the nature of Megalancosaurus, I
recommend the following paper:

        Renesto, Silvio. 1994. Megalancosaurus, a possibly arboreal
                archosauromorph (Reptilia) from the Upper Triassic of
                northern Italy. J. Vert. Paleo. 14 (1), pp. 38-52.

I find Megalancosaurus to be a very interesting animal, but (as far as
I'm concerned) not because of its supposed bird-like features, rather
because of its arboreal adaptations that are convergent with those
of other arboreal animals, namely mammals.

Michel Chartier