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My fav dino and fam pal'ist

I think I would have to go for pachycephalosaurs as being my 
favourite dinosaurs.  I have often tried to establish them as being 
Glasgow's city emblem, but so far no-one on council has taken me up 
on this.  I think it is because we don't have any pachy's here (only 
their living human equivalents).

As for my famous palaeontologist, I would have to opt for Barrande 
who did a lot of work in the Czech Republic.  As far as I know, he is 
the only palaeontologist with a town named after him - Barrandia 
(just outside of Prague).


Neil Clark
Curator of Palaeontology
Hunterian Museum
University of Glasgow
G12 8QQ
email: NCLARK@museum.gla.ac.uk

'Man must surely have become an immensely worse animal 
than his teeth show him to have been designed for'
Hugh Miller (Cruise of the Betsey - 1858)