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Blunders in Vert. Paleo + Nopcsa

To continue the thread of a couple of weeks ago... These to were by my
favorite dinosaur paleontologist of all time, The Baron Franz Nopcsa.

First of all he misidentified a Hyoid of a sauropod (I think these are bones
that belong in the neck) that was discovered in the belly region as (I am not
making this up) an oss-penus.  This misidentification was later corrected.

Also, he discovered a specimen of Tanystropheus (that really long-necked
Triassic semi-aquatic lizardy thing that ate fish) as the first pterosaur
that he named Tribelesidon.  He had made the really long neck vertibrae the
the bones of Tanystropheus' wing-finger.

This guy really cracks me up.  So far I know that he was a Trannsylvanian
baron in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  He was a paleontologist that really
liked to figure out the sex lives of dinosaurs (don't we all?).  He was
absolutely enthralled with Albania.  I mean, he learned the language,
customs, he was nuts about Albania.  During World War One, he asked the King
of Austria if he could lead a batalian to invade Albania and place himself on
the throne as king of Albania, of course being loyal to Austria.  They said
they wouldn't do it, but did it anyway without Nopcsa.  After the war he had
no more money and went on a motorcycle tour of Europe with his personal
secretary who happened to be his homosexual lover and died.

If anyone knows if any of these facts are in error, or has any more
information about this guy it would be greatly appreciated!

Peter Buchholz