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Re: The Question Of The Day ?

I guess I have to admit it - my favorite dinosaurs are crows and ravens! :)   
People who have known me for very long are aware that I lived for some time 
with a crow named Hugin (after one of Odin's ravens of Norse mythology), so I 
have had the pleasure of being close up and personal with one of these 
remarkable beings.  They are worthy of far more appreciation than they 
receive from other than Norse myths and Native American culture.  (Hugin 
means "mind" or "wisdom" in Old Norse, and is a very appropriate name!)

Skip Dahlgren
Applications Programmer, Office of Educational Development
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
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e-mail: sdahlgren@liblan.uams.edu; bcsskip@aol.com
-ex-archaeologist; lifelong afficionado of dinosaurs and their latter-day kin
"Cross-platform computing is much safer than downhill!"  :)