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On Fri, 2 Jun 1995 11:19:09 -0400, D.W.Naish wrote:

>Penguins (the Emporer, specifically) go for ages without eating (during the
>wretched antarctic winters while they're incubating their eggs, this is the
>males by the way). But they certianly don't hibernate. The only birds known to
>hibernate are the whip-poor-wills, a group of nightjar species. During Medieval
>times, it was widely believed that swallows and swifts hibernated at the bottom
>of ponds. Though this sounds absolutely wacky, there are some surprisingly good
>accounts of it. Make of it what you will! But K birds couldn't have hibernated
>at the bottom of ponds. The crocodiles would have eaten them (oh! And turtles
>eat birds too).
>DARREN "We've spared no expense" NAISH

Don't forget the Estivation - a temporary form of hibernation common to 
hummingbirds etc.
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