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Re: Hello!

DAVEH47@delphi.com wrote:  
<Paraphrasing, he wrote that he supports Bakker's views on hot-blooded dinos,
small dinos. with feathers, and the other Bakkerian views on dinos> 

Welcome to the list!  But I must warn you that after a while on this list, the
sheen on Bakker's armor will fade a bit, and the swords of Ostrom, Currie,
Weishampel, Carpenter, Holtz, Gauthier, Farlow, Thulborn, Karl Hirsch,
Chinsamy, Ricqles, Barsbold, Sereno and other paleontologists will appear
just a wee-bit sharper.  :-)  You will also be subjected to a barrage of
journal article references written by people you may never have heard of,
in journals you may never have heard of.  To make matters worse, you will get
alternative ways to explain the data.  Bakker's name often comes up in
dino-questions _posed_ to this list, but curiously, Bakker's name is rarely
included in the resulting discussion _thread_.  Don't know why.  Maybe it's
those pesky unknown names with all of their experimental and observational
results that keep pushing Bob out of the discussion.  :-) 

  Since I am a dino-phile, I like reading Bakker, too.   
But getting too much Bakker is a little like eating desserts for supper all
the time.  It is really good at first, but after a while, you get 
unsatsified and out-of-sorts.  You want something with more substance.  Here,
you get a complete meat-and potato dinner (with a pickle and 'slaw on the 
p.s.  can't wait for your S-F novel to come out!  How will you explain the
iridium at the K/T boundary?  Iridium aerosol settle-out from rocket-plume
exaust, perhaps?  Why did they leave the birds on earth?  I know...I ask too
many questions.