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The Question Of The Day-After

>         I really like any dinosaur that isn't well known -- what's the
> point of liking _T. rex_ the best if everyone else does, too?  8-)
> Seriously, I have a fondness for bizarre, somewhat enigmatic dinosaurs,
> like the therizinosauroids ("segnosaurs").  I also reeeeeeeeally wanna know
> what the heck _Deinocheirus_ is!!
> Jerry D. Harris
Jerry, I entirely agree with you. I also like the marginals and the
non-conformists. Therizinosaurus is an all-time favorite of mine 
(80 cm-long claws, the Freddy Krueger of the Late Cretaceous!), but
all the other therizinosauroids are great. Troodontids and 
oviraptorosaurs are also a blast.

Michel Chartier