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Birth to live young?

(In reply to Warren Raddatz)

Warren --

>I am a fanatic of the worst kind, ever since my mother tried
>to abandon me at Dinosaur National Park at age 5 because I kept
>correcting the guide. 

Me too!  In school I used to drive my "Earth Science" 
teacher crazy correcting her by telling her that Dimetrodon 
is NOT a dinosaur, that the famous continental-drift confirming
beast is Lystrosaurus not 'Listosaurus' and that dinosaurs didn't
eat grass (there WASN'T any!)

>So my question is this...is there any thought given to the
>possibility of live birth in dinos?

In THE DINOSAUR HERESIES, Dr. Bakker states his belief that
the "brontosaurs" (sauropods) gave birth to live young
because the pelvis in some specimens seem unusually wide, and
because a newly hatched Apatosaurus or other sauropod would
necessarily be so tiny (because of upper limits on egg sizes)
that they could not survive without being trampled to death.

                   -- Dave