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Hi!  I just thought I should introduce myself to the group!

My name is Dave, and I have loved dinosaurs since I was a 
tiny tot watching the Flintstones!  I still have the first dinosaur
book I ever owned, "Dinosaur Time", and about all of the twenty or
thirty books I've have gotten since then.

On the "Political Spectrum" of current dinosaur controversies, I am a
Radical Flower-Power Pro-Bakker extremist who thinks
all dinos were 100% Hot-Blooded, that birds are living
dinosaurs, that the small theropods all had feathers, and that
even the sauropods can not be fairly called unintelligent.

In answer to the "Question of the Day": What my favorite dino
is, I'd say it's a photo-finish between Kentrosaurus (Stegosaurus'
prickly-er cousin), Utahraptor (the brobdingnagian deinonychosaur),
Pentaceratops (FIVE horns!), Spinosaurus (Dimetrodon with 
charisma), and all the protobirds.

Dinosaurs have become a major part of my creative drive.  I am
currently working on a comprehensive Dinosaur object library
for the PC/Amiga 3D animation package IMAGINE, and I am writing
a sci-fi novel in which, among other things, it is discovered that the
dinosaurs did NOT die out, but merely developed interstellar space
travel and, in order to save themselves from approaching hostile
aliens, migrated to another planet (and are now returning on behalf of
the great utopian galactic society to tell us that if we humans don't
shape up, WE'LL be the ones who become extinct!).

Well, now that I got that off my chest, I'll just say how
glad I am to be part of this mailing list!

                      -- Dave