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Old?plus question of the day.

        I am 31 and have loved dinosaurs since I was 4 or 5.  I didn't
really think peolpe were lucky enough to really study them. You all are very
lucky souls. I am at this point living vicariously by reading all of the
wonderful stuff that is going on in research. When my kids are older I'm
heading staight to graduate school but for now I wait, not quietly, but I wait. 

        As to the question of the day...All of them, every single one.  I
spark for stego, thrill me with troodon, my pulse pounds for
pachycephalasaurus, you name it I love it. Could not pick a favorite to save
my life.

        Um..I have no witty ending or fascinating facts to share just that I
am humbled by all of the JP trivia, (my family leaves the room when I
complain about the frill on Dilophasaurus, I never thought to count toes)

        I am not worthy!!!  :)
                Jennifer Allen

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