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Re: dinosaur->bird when?

>        I belive that in many ways dinos were already one their way out
>millions of years before the boundry and the extinction happened over a very
>;ong period of time, you didn't just wake up one morning and find all the
>dinos gone.

I have seen this claim on other occassions and have to ask; how good is the
data on the great dinosaur fade? It would seem to me that even under the
very best of conditions, large terrestial animals would still leave a very
spotty and pathetic fossil record, not the kind of data that one would want
to base population trends on. Surely marine invertebrates or the various
microfossils would be a much better source of data for population trends in
the late Cretaceous and, from what I understand, they show no signs of
population fades. So just how good is this dinosaur data?

Cheers, Paul


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