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Re: Time Space and Matter -2

>......Now let's get 
>down to real business. On average, an 8 [metric] tonne _Tyrannosaurus 
>rex_ must bolt down some 93 kilograms of meat per day, or some 2000 
>tonnes in a sixty year life,equal to the weight of a World War II 

If you assume it was a full endotherm. If it were an ectotherm it would only
need (approx) 9.3 kg per day. A much more sustainable total.

Another thought: Is it possible that dinosaurs were somewhere between ecto-
and endothermy. That is, they were mainly dependant on their environment to
heat their bodies, but had the ability to "top up" with internal heat
generation. This would seem reasonable given that many familys had both
large and small members. The larger members (such as Tyrannosaurus) would
need a lot more food to generate internal head, but because of their body
size they would be able to hold it for longer, so they wouldn't need to do
it so often. Small members (such as Nanotyrannus) wouldn't be able to hold
their heat so long, so they would have to eat a lot more in relation to
their size.

James Shields