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Re: Time Space and Matter -2

>              Most sauropods have a claw on digit #1 of the front feet. 
>The Diplocids have a bit more robust claw.There are claws on digits #1-#4 
>on the hind feet. The first narrow claw of the hind feet is suspected to 
>be used in self-defense. The Camarasaurus, Haplocanthosaurus,and related 
>species have very sturdy teeth(unlike the Diplodocids). They are 
>suspected to have been able to bite alot harder than an Allosaurus, so 
>therefore it is suspected that they used biting as a defense. I wonder 
>myself if a sauropod could or would use their own body as a "battering-ram" 
>or just trample an unsuspecting Allosaur,

Hey, they jould just hump up and down a few times. When the dust settled any
allosaurs in the area would be lying in a dazed heap. ;-)

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