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Re: Penguin Locomotion

Skip Dahlgrin  comments and I gotta  respond:  the penguins.  Their stance
has changed to a far more vertical, erect 
posture, more like that of hominids than that of any other dinos or birds 
that I can think of.  However, although they are capable of erect walking, 
they also propel themselves on their bellies in a modified quadrupedal manner

on ice (or is this better described as non-pedal locomotion?), and of course 
swim horizontally in a manner which to my way of thinking could be called 
quadrupedal (although swimming is clearly a special case of locomotion).

In toboggan mode on ice, penguins still propell themselves with their feet,
taking advantage of low friction, more efficient than walking.  Not even
modified quadrupedal, as they hold the flippers at their sides or use the for
balance.  Underwater, Penguins Fly!  That is they propell themselves with
their wings just like other birds in the air.   Watch em!  Penguins and their
northern hemisphere counterparts, the Auks, Fly underwater.  All other diving
birds propell themselves with their feet.

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