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Re: T-Rex

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Gilfredo Rodriguez wrote:

> I would like your opinion of how the T-Rex obtained it's prey.

1> stalk..?

Follow a herd of Triceratops or Edmontosaurus and look for the young, 
sick, and aged. (All wonderful victims)

2>..chase it down..?

Seperate the victim from the herd. (That's a smart strategy...)

Once you caught it, what then...
  1. Let it go if its too much for you
  2. Rip a chunk out of it and let it bleed and die of shock (avoids
     having to fight it)     
  3. Play with it...oh! the thrill of the kill
  4. Stomp on it and rip it apart (messy)
  5. Chomp down and swallow it whole (good only if prey is small)

3>..or rely on surprise attacks..?

Ambush (lie in wait for the unaware) is a good method, especially if you 
do not want to waste much time and energy. (Lunge at it, knock it over, 
stun it, etc...)

4>..or was it a scavenger..?

Would you turn down a free meal (you don't have to fight it, run after 
it, or stalk it.  Very little energy wasted).  

Scarfing down helpless baby dinosaurs from their nest.

Bullying a smaller carnivore from its price (let someone else do the 
dirty work for you) is also a form of scavenging.

How about carry out..?

> Please give me your opinions.

Tyrannosaurus rex had a large head, jaws, and teeth, stereoscopic eye 
sight, strong legs, large claws, large body size, and pneumatic cavities 
in its bones. (A real Mesozoic terror!!!...with small, but strong arms)

If I was a hungry T.rex I would do all of the above...who would stop me!!!

---John Schneiderman (dino@revelation.unomaha.edu) "dinophile"