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Re: best teacher

There are several great teachers in my book, such as my elementary school
art teacher who didn't mind that I really wanted to paint a picture of
a mosasaur or a triceratops when everybody else was doing pictures of
schoolhouses.  My third grade teacher Mrs. Decker, who taught us that
imagination and asking lots of questions can be wonderful things, and
fun, too!
It is now several decades later (aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!) and I am a doctoral 
student doing battle with that insidious beast, the dissertation.
(ok, I have to admit, it's not paleontology, either!  Should have listened
more to Mrs. Decker.... ; ) )    My best teacher vote goes to my advisor,
dissertation chair, and mentor--and today is his last day at this university.
(Fortunately, he won't see this!)
        Finally, I have a lot of teachers I've never met--all of you who
are reading this post (sorry it's so long).  Thank you.

                        ok, back to lurking and the chronology on that 
                                second case study....