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Re: Theropod traps

>From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)

>       My point is that I do not know of mammalian carnivores or any other
> extant large carnivores that get around in groups of this size. If this is
> the case, doesn't such unusually large aggrigations of dinosaurian
> carnivores, occuring twice, possibly indicate that there is some
> fundemental difference between them and our understandings of modern
> carnivores? How do you feed a herd of 60 Allosauruses?

This could be a snapshot of Allosaurus' breeding behavior.  I'm thinking 
of large sea mammals or penguins who mass on particular beaches.  Some species 
don't eat at all during the whole process.  Allosaurus adults certainly had 
enough bulk to survive long periods without food.


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