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Re: Some subjects

>Jerry Harris told about Jurassic birds from North Korea. Could you give us more
> details?

Nino et al -

        Not much more, since they're from North Korea, and not much info
gets in or out of there!  I'd originally just heard a rumor, in the form of
a tiny, two sentence "article" on the Science page of a local paper;
subsequent investigations led me eventually to Ralph Molnar, who was kind
enough to send me a copy of an article with some teeny-tiny photos from a
Chinese newspaper on them.  From what I've heard, they're from a fossil
lake bed in North Korea, and are being studied by local scientists.  The
specimens are purportedly on display at a local university.

        Tom Holtz has told me that the fossils are at least very similar
to, if not congeneric with, _Archaeopteryx_ itself, although there are a
few differences.  This, however, is based just on an examination of better
copies of the same xeroxed photos Ralph sent me.  They're all packed away
now, so I can't say more than that (there isn't much more _to_ say!  8-)  )

        Hope that helps!

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