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Some subjects

Hi, girls and boys! I've trying to send a post to the USS Dinosauria for some d
ays, but it looks like it will be impossible. I hope this (finally) will reach
Neil Clark asks me about the reference on cold-blooded birds. I have tried to s
ent it to you, Neil, but my E-mail has become crazy these days. I will send you
 as soon as possible.
Jerry Harris told about Jurassic birds from North Korea. Could you give us more
Aaron feuk answered a old post. I think he made some mistakes. The claw that th
e sauropod used to defense themselves was the first of the forelimb, not from t
he hindlind. Could you imagine a sauropod trying to use his hindlind to defense
 from the attack of a big theropod? I think it is impossible. He also pointed a
bout the force of the bite of the sauropods. I am not a specialist on sauropods
, but the bite force of an Allosaurus-like theropod surely was greeeeeeeater th
an that of every known sauropod, because its mouth was deseigned to bite meal a
nd make as much damage as possible, while the mouth of the sauropods was design
ed to eat vegetables, so they are not prepared to the forces of bitting anythin
g else.
Jennifer, the K/T was about 65 m.a., not 64.
Peter Buchholz asked about the acuatic origin of the man. I think this was prop
osed (or reviewed) by Desmond Morris in his book "The Naked Ape" (or something
like that; I don't know the original name, only the Spanish one). He told us so
me surprising ideas. He thing that Archaeopteryx wasn't a bird. Well, there are
 some intermediate taxa between the nonavian theropods and the group of the ext
ant birds, the Ornithothoraces. And Archaeopteryx was one of them. It was reall
y a bird, not only by the feathers. And, what's that? The Pterosauria are dinos
? I think you are wrong. There are some intermediate groups bteween the dinos a
nd pterosaurs, and some of them aren't similar either to dinos nor Pterosaurs.
So you can't include the pterosaur inside the Dinosauria (or viceversus). Altho
ugh this is only my opinion.
I will try to send you (again!) the message with the reference of the cold-bloo
ded birds.
See you! Nino.