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best teachers

Best teachers:

James Lee Wilson, the carbonates prof.  Excellent lecturer, always had a 
a probing question to send you off in another direction.  Never had a 
condescending attitude towards his students, no matter where they were in 
their studies or their lives.  An endless fount of knowledge about 

He taught a class on dynamic stratigraphy, and emphasised cyclicity and 
carbonate/clastic systems.  It was the only class I've ever had where I 
was really sad to see it end.....

Miss Keck.  She taught my 9th grade adv. placement American History, 
drove a vintage 50s Chevrolet with huge fins, and was affectionately know 
n as a battleax.  She also demanded and got more from her students than 
any other teacher I've ever know.  She taught me how to learn.