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Re: Theropod traps

Aaron wrote:-

>     Could it be possible that there was no tar back in the Mesozoic? 
> Does anyone know the age and origin of the oil sepage that formed the tar 
> of the known tar pits?

The famous MacAdam of the tar used tar of Carboniferous age in his 
buisness to cover all roads with the stuff.  His company was 
originally based in Kaimes, near Muirkirk, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  
The company is of course 'Tar MacAdam'  which gave its name to 
'tarmac' and the like.  There is a memorial in Kaimes to MacAdam and 
I do a pilgrimage nearly every year to the shrine.

So, yes, there was definitely tar in the Mesozoic and before.  I have 
found bitumen in Ordovician rocks too which results, presumably, from 
the degradation of marine organic material.


Neil Clark
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