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Re: dinosaur->bird when?

>This is certain to be an extremely stupid question so
>please pardon my ignorance.

        Please we are all together in this so ask away...

>I have seen several dinosaur documentaries on the Discovery
>and TLC channels that discuss dinosaur extinction theories.
>There seems to be no agreement on what caused it (meteoroite
>impact, diseases, climate changes caused by volcanic eruption...)
>but they all seem to agree that something happened 65 million
>years ago that killed all dinosaurs.

        Everybody? Is it 65 or 64 mya. Sounds picky but it drives me nuts!!!
I was sure the K/T was at 64 mya.
        I belive that in many ways dinos were already one their way out
millions of years before the boundry and the extinction happened over a very
;ong period of time, you didn't just wake up one morning and find all the
dinos gone.

>My question is, how does that fit with the dinosaur->bird
>evolution idea?  Are birds already in existence then? if not,
>then some dinosaurs must have survived so that they can
>eventually evolve into birds.  Has there been any fossils
>of half-dino-half-birds found?

        Great subject, you have no idea what you just got your self into. ; )
>Another question: Is dinosaur a species? or are there different
>species of dinosaurs?  It is pretty amazing that there are
>dinosaurs living on land, in sea and in the sky.  I do not know
>of another animal species that does that.

        Again correct me if I'm wrong guys but isn't one of the defining
charecteristic of dinosaurs that they were terestrial only? The swimmers,
like moasasaurs and pliesiosaurs(sp?) are not dinosaurs neither are the
Pterosaurs and other fliers. I am not sure about the evidence for the level
of aquadic living in many of the hadrosaurs but I belive that they are as
close as we can get to an aquatic dinos. 

                                Jennifer FWP