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dinosaur->bird when?

This is certain to be an extremely stupid question so
please pardon my ignorance.

I have seen several dinosaur documentaries on the Discovery
and TLC channels that discuss dinosaur extinction theories.
There seems to be no agreement on what caused it (meteoroite
impact, diseases, climate changes caused by volcanic eruption...)
but they all seem to agree that something happened 65 million
years ago that killed all dinosaurs.

My question is, how does that fit with the dinosaur->bird
evolution idea?  Are birds already in existence then? if not,
then some dinosaurs must have survived so that they can
eventually evolve into birds.  Has there been any fossils
of half-dino-half-birds found?

Another question: Is dinosaur a species? or are there different
species of dinosaurs?  It is pretty amazing that there are
dinosaurs living on land, in sea and in the sky.  I do not know
of another animal species that does that.


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