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>In discussing the Macroscelidea (Elephant Shrews), Carroll says "Novacek
>(1984) drew attention to the similarities of elephant shrews to members of
>the order Rhinogradentia (Stumpke, 1967)." Stumpke (there's an umlaut over
>the "u") wrote the classic, tongue-in-cheek, zoological study of the
>"Snouters," a group of fictitious beasties that bounced around on their

I don't have the book immediately to hand but my recollection is that
"Stumpke" was himself a fiction.  Actually "The Snouters" (a true classic,
and I'll have to look for my copy) did not invent the beasts; they were
first thought up by a peculiar turn-of-the-century German poet (whose name
also escapes me, but his poem on "The Nasobeme" is quoted in the book - The
poem has actually been set to music (again, I can't remember by whom) as
part of a set of lieder on the poet's works (which also included, if I
recall, a song about mammoths)).

There -wasn't that an informative posting? (I know the book is around here
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