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Re: Theropod traps

>From: jdharris@csn.net (Jerry D. Harris)
 > >A herd to herbivores I can accept, but such large aggrigations of
 > >carnivores? 
 >    I've personally never liked the "herding" theropod theory, although
 > I admit it _is_ a possibility (just because modern mammals don't do it
 > doesn't mean dinosaurs didn't!  Birds do, after all...).  For the
 > Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry, at any rate, the general explanation is that is was
 > some kind of predator trap, a la the La Brea tar pits.  

I thought i remembered something like this - I just wasn't sure.

Note, Coelophysis is a much smaller animal than Allosaurus - more
like wolf sized - and would be more able to sustain itself in herds,
just as wolves do today.

I, too, doubt something as large as Allosaurus could manage more than
family groups.

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